Biggest Sample Sale Ever

May 20, 2016

It's a season of change here at Winter Session. We're in the process of moving into a larger space!! (Don't worry, we're not going too far -- just a mile or so away). To celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next, we're hosting our Biggest Sample Sale Ever here at the Outpost (our home for the past three years). We're talking Garrison Bags of all sizes, waxed canvas Briefcases, last season's Day Packs, almost perfect Zip-Top Totes, and Zip Bags for days...

WHAT: Biggest Sample Sale Ever
The Outpost // 2952 Welton St. Denver CO
Saturday May 28 // noon-5pm
Keep your eye out for a more official moving announcement coming soon -- we'll definitely want you to come check out our new space once we're all settled in! But in the meantime we'd like to focus on saying a proper goodbye to our wonderful spot on Welton Street. It's been real.

Come early (noon) to get the good stuff -- and tell your friends!