Gear Up: A Gift Guide for Grads

School's out, and for many, this means thinking about the next chapter. Whether your future plans involve work, travel, play or study, one thing is certain: you'll need some trustworthy carrying companions to help you stay happy, organized, and productive during the journey ahead. Keeping both function and fashion in mind, we've put together a collection of versatile canvas and leather pieces to inspire and prepare during this time of transition and change. From adventure-ready organization to sleek and sturdy daily carry, this guide will have you (or your favorite grad) covered. Adventure awaits!

GET INSPIRED // Take note of what draws you in, document your dreams and ideas, and jot down your goals in Doane Paper's colorful Utility Notebooks. They come in packs of three, so no need to limit your notes. Pencil included to get you rolling. Keep your note-taking supplies in one place so you can grab them and go: we recommend the Zip Bag, which comes in two compact sizes. Our Double Wrap Bracelet makes a great daily accessory -- and as it ages and wears it will remind you that the only constant is change.

GET OUT THERE // Ready yourself for adventures big and small. Our Day Pack is equally suited for scouting a new city, navigating the airport terminal, or taking a day hike. Keep your cash and cards close for that emergency ice cream or spontaneous train ticket: the Snap Wallet is one of our tried-and-true favorites for carrying just the right amount of stuff. Stash your drawing supplies in our waxed canvas Roll-up while you document your journey. Use our versatile Drawstring Kit to keep your toiletries organized on your countertop or together while moving through security.

GET A JOB // Whether you're heading to the office or surfing between coffee shops, you will need a few things to make the job easier. Impress your coworkers or fellow caffeine warriors with a stylish leather Notebook Cover -- and a new word in your vocabulary: patina. Store extra business cards in the back pocket of your Snap Wallet, and keep extra cash in the front for taking a client or coworker to lunch. Protect your favorite writing utensils in our waxed canvas Roll-up so you always have them at the ready. 

BACK TO THE GRIND // If your next destination is college or grad school, you'll need a durable backpack to last you your stay (and beyond). Our waxed canvas Day Pack can easily fit multiple notebooks, a laptop, and extra snacks for those late night study sessions. Veg-tanned leather straps will mold to your body over time and help make your load manageable. Keep cables and cords organized and accessible in one of our Zip Bags and stay on top of your deadlines with a handsome leather Utility Notebook Cover. Good luck out there!

- - -