Meet the WS Team: Joel Niemann

We've been thinking a lot about the culture of our workshop lately. So much goes into a bag from the time the fabric is cut to the time the leather is attached, and we couldn't churn out Day Bags or Snap Wallets if it weren't for our talented team. They make our workshop dynamic and they bring laughter and thought to what we do day-in and day-out. Outside of Winter Session they are musicians, beekeepers, artists, photographers, social workers, soccer players, and simply individuals with heart. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to our spirited crew. 

Meet Joel Niemann:

When I was young I wanted to be...
A Brazilian soccer player.

What do you spend your time in the workshop doing? 
Depends on the day; assembly, website photography, some e-commerce stuff, and anything involving systems. 

Tell us about your life and adventures outside of Winter Session…
Outside of Winter Session I work part time at Berkeley Supply and try to get to the mountains or be outdoors as much as possible.  

Favorite thing to do outside…
Snowshoeing -- then I’m not sweating and I get to watch my dog run through the snow.

A typical day for you from starts with...
A walk with my dog.

And ends with...
A walk with my dog, which may be preceded by TV, cooking, reading, drinking beer or whatever else I can find the energy for.

What kind of dog do you have?
She’s a mutt -- part border collie, Jack Russell terrier, maybe some greyhound… She’s forty pounds of energy and her name is Marley Jo.

Which WS bag do you carry?
I don't currently own a WS bag. I'm holding out for a Weekender Bag* if/when they see the light of day. If not, I'm just going to make one! 

* Coming soon Holiday 2015

But you have a sweet wallet…
Yeah. I upgraded from a Slash to a Snap Wallet last year. Been carrying this one for about 8 months. It's aged pretty quickly -- I carry it every day.

Three things that are always in your bag…
Sunglasses, a granola bar which I probably forgot was in there, and a coffee mug.

What's blasting in your earbuds/car stereo right now?
A band from Norway called Kid Astray. Their new album is perfect for summer.