WS in the Wild: The Mountains are Calling

Roy stitching at 9,000 feet at our favorite spot: the top of Independence Pass in the Sawatch Range.WS co-owner Roy Katz hand stitching at 9,000 feet at our favorite spot: the top of Independence Pass in the Sawatch Range.
One of many breathtaking views in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, where we recently spent the weekend hiking and camping.
As the long light of summer lingers late into the evening, we can't help but soak up every moment outside of the workshop exploring the mountains right in our back yard (well, kind of). For this edition of WS in The Wild, we thought it would be fitting to gather a collection of our favorite wilderness 'grams taken by our friends and customers near and far.
We have particularly enjoyed following young British blogger @rebecca_kathryn as she travels across the U.S. with her partner @mags_travels. They took the time to stop by our workshop while passing through Denver, and now she's painting and photographing her way through the National Parks along with her other trusty companion, the Grey Roll-Up
The duo never seems to miss an opportunity to beautifully document their adventures on the road. 
We like that @mags_travels decided to rep our t-shirt for a surely epic bouldering session of Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Seattle-based designer, photographer and explorer @erickimberlin always seems to be exploring the most magical places, and his Garrison seems right at home here. Check out more of his adventures around Seattle with his bag and adorable pups. 
The Garrison Bag enjoying some R&R at a mountain lake with Eric Kimberlin
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Texas-based couple Jonathan and Sarah document their adventures and unique dining experiences all over the world on their feed @travelfoodlove.
Headed into the Pine Cove Woods, fully equipped with the two-tone Day Pack.
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Lest we forget "all of the wood Wednesday" with Ricky Foster (a.k.a. @rickyboooby) and the timeless Log Tote. Ricky is a former WS team member and is currently wreaking havoc in Nashville with his partner in crime @jzmnfyl.
Fueling up for a bonfire and s'mores somewhere in the wilds of Colorado. 
Finally, what good is a trip into the wild without a swig of whiskey from this classy Jacob Bromwell Collaboration flask
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We'd like to leave you with the wise words of Thoreau:

 “We need the tonic of wildness… At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild… We can never have enough of nature.”

Now, get outside -- and share your adventures with us!