Meet the WS Team: Andrew Myers

Photos by Brad Torchia 

Tell us about your life and adventures outside of Winter Session…
Right now I'm pursuing an alternative teaching license and going to grad school. Other than that, I enjoy good coffee, reading, and the mountains.

A typical day for you from starts with...
Breakfast.  A bowl of cereal, preferably honey nut cheerios. And always whole milk and a good

And ends with...
A cocktail on the couch with my wife with books in hands.  

Cocktail of choice?
Probably bourbon and an ice cube. I keep it simple, ya know...

What is your WS bag of choice?
Currently do not have a WS bag! I'd go with the Garrison, though. Classic. And I've been carrying the Long Wallet for almost a year now. 

Three things that are always in your bag…
A book, a journal, and pens...lots of pens.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?
I probably wanted to be a handyman like my Grandpa Pretz. That man could do/make/fix anything.

What's blasting in your earbuds/car stereo right now?
Leon Bridges!