Meet the WS Team: Charla Bultman

A typical day for you starts with...
Waking up a bit too early (too many early mornings in the coffee industry have ruined me), watering my plants, and getting a beautiful mug full of coffee from the good folk of Purple Door Coffee before I walk across to the Outpost.

And ends with...
Netflix in bed.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A horse rancher! 

Which WS bag do you carry?
A brown medium sized Zip Bag. It has replaced my purse and is perfect for the daily essentials (and more!). And I just made myself a Garrison Bag... 

Three things that are always in your bag…
R.L. Linden La Bomba Rosa lip balm.
Some form of herbalism book to further my studies.
Patchouli essential oil. Covers a multitude of evil.

Share a memorable moment/adventure with your favorite bag…
Well, there was the one time Purple Door Coffee hid a ceramic thumb in my clutch. We play weird games with each other, their team and ours. Lately it's been hiding this thumb in weird places in each other's shops. I love to see how many things I can cram in my open bag, and that day I had (among other things) a can of tuna, shades, wallet, phone, keys, oil, ear buds, lip balm, a couple tubes of lipstick. So of course I didn't notice when a human sized hand was thrown in the mix.

(They had to tell me it was in my bag. Perhaps this speaks to how aware of the world around me I am. Hah.)

What's blasting in your earbuds/car stereo right now?
Ah, it's a toss up! If I'm walking after work, more often than not it's Radiolab or This American Life. But if it's the jams, I can never go wrong with Sufjan Stevens' Carrie and Lowell.

 (square photos from Charla's instagram feed; all other photos c/o Winter Session)