Goods Guide: Tanned to Perfection


With the release of our new Leather Garrison, we are a bit obsessed with leather at the moment. In order to celebrate, we decided to share our guide to the best tanned goods.

[Clockwise from top-left corner]

Stitched Belt: Sturdy yet refined, this belt features a unique leather lacing detail with a solid brass buckle. Cut from 10 oz vegetable tanned bridle leather, the edges are hand waxed and burnished. 

Coin Wallet: Vertical pouch with a flap-and -snap closure holds coins, cards, or cash, with an additional half-sleeve on the backside for extra cards. Made from 4 oz vegetable tanned, un-dyed cowhide and hand stitched using olive-green, Irish waxed linen thread.

Two-Piece Watch Strap: The perfect compliment to your favorite time piece. The strap is crafted from 4 oz vegetable tanned, waxed Horween Shell Cordovan leather; an incredibly smooth yet durable leather from one of the country's finest tanneries.

Snap Wallet: Features two interior pockets and one outside sleeve for easy organization of credit cards, folded cash, and business cards.Made from 4 oz vegetable tanned, waxed Horween Shell Cordovan leather.

Cognac Leather Garrison: The ultimate expression of refined utility within our collection. Borrowing the silhouette of our classic Garrison Bag, we've pared down the design to accentuate its most essential function and features while adapting the details to an all-leather construction.

Double-Wrap Bracelet: A simple accessory for every day wear. A solid brass stud makes for simple and easy closure. Made from 7 oz vegetable tanned cowhide. This leather will gradually darken over time with frequent wear.

Neatsfoot Oil: Historically, pure neatsfoot oil has been hailed as the optimal choice for reconditioning saddles and other leather outdoor gear. A natural oil derived from cow bones, it prevents smooth leathers from drying and cracking. We apply a coat to our natural leather pieces in the bag-making process. Daily use and contact with the natural oils from your hands should keep your bag handles and straps in good condition; however, in especially arid climates, if the leather gets wet and then dries out and/or if your bag sits unused for a period of time, the leather may get a bit dry. For the long term maintenance of your bag, we recommend periodically applying a light coat of neatsfoot oil to any parts of the leather that are not in regular contact with your skin.