Goods Guide: Feel Goods

This can be an overwhelming season, so we wanted to create a guide to feeling good; encompassing everything from gifts that give back, to warming scents, clever containers, and even a little humor that will boost your mood.

[Clockwise from top-left corner]

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Campfire Incense:There is nothing more nostalgic and healing than the smoky smell of a mountain lodge or forest campfire. Well, this is a campfire that you can bring to any room in your studio or home. Every Juniper Ridge product is foraged by hand and has a harvest number stamped on it. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these wilderness scents are extracted from real, native-plant sources. This wildcrafted Douglas Fir Incense is bound to warm any space. 

Mountain vs Plains Negativity Scene Cards:Holiday cards can be all too predictable, but not this one. Our friend Paul Michael is a Denver-based artist that goes by Mountain vs Plains and we think his work is pretty funny. Whether you belly-laugh or simply chuckle, it doesn't matter, you will feel better just because you had a laugh. 

Public - Supply Soft Cover Notebooks:The simple act of slowing down to jot reflections, thoughts, and sketch ideas can lighten your heart. The Public - Supply mission is simple: to support creative work in our country's public schools. This for-profit company channels 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need classroom who will use the money for a project that drives creativity. When you sit down to write in these notebooks, you can rest assured that the quality of a child's education is being improved. 

Canvas Planter Prototype for Craftsman & Apprentice:Unfortunately this is a Denver exclusive, but it's for a very good cause. Our friends Craftsman & Apprentice have been hosting maker workshops for kids and adults, and they believe that the best learning and making comes when we build relationships in beautiful and functional spaces. They have been a creative hub for our community and they currently have a Kickstarter to raise money to expand their space and their work. The proceeds from this prototype that we made will go toward the expansion of this vital community and creative space. 

R.L. Linden Travel Set:We teamed up with Denver's eco-beauty gurus R.L. Linden & Co., a Denver-based, women-owned company we admire for the enthusiasm and dedication they put towards producing high quality, all-natural products. Each of their skincare products is specially formulated in small batches using plant-based, raw, wildcrafted, and organic ingredients. The Travel Set includes six travel-ready essential skincare products made by R.L. Linden, housed in a waxed canvas Zip Bag that we've customized to fit the function and aesthetic of their brand. 

Journeyman & Co. Field Bag:The result of our collaboration with Journeyman & Co, a Denver-based duo dedicated to curating and creating unique handcrafted goods allied around a common cause. With their first military-inspired collection, 10% of all proceeds are donated to to IAVA (Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America), a nonprofit committed to improving veterans’ futures. Made from start to finish in our Denver workshop, the Field Bag is constructed from our heavyweight, 20oz Olive waxed canvas and reinforced at the bottom with Horween Tobacco Dublin leather (the same leather we use to make our Tobacco wallets).

R.L. Linden Winter Session Perfume:Our custom WS scent was formulated by eco-beauty gurus mentioned above, R.L. Linden & Co. Their collection of Denver-inspired perfume oils contain no synthetics, phthalates or isolates and are created with only pure, plant-based, organic, raw and wildcrafted essential oils, absolutes and resins in a base of organic jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil. Winter Session #6 is a rich and dignified, unisex scent with notes of cold pressed coffee, tanned leather, pipe tobacco and cedar pencils.