Goods Guide: Our Favorites for February

Valentine's Day Goods Guide

Cupid's arrow aside, we're in favor of treating yourself or someone you love (or hey, even like) to something nice this month. Whether you're looking to celebrate partnership or friendship, we're pretty sure there's something here that might tickle their -- and your -- fancy. 

[Clockwise from top left corner]

Zip-Top Tote: 
Lightweight, streamlined and versatile, the Zip-Top Tote is made for casual and easy transport. Our signature interior accessory pocket helps to keep small items within reach, while a pop-up zipper panel keeps contents secure and allows for extra volume. Comes in four handsome colors (and two sizes) for daily carry or weekend travel.

Designed for organizing pens, pencils, makeup/paint brushes, markers, or small tools on the go, our Roll-up is a favorite among designers, artists, writers, stylists, or anyone who has an affinity for their tools. Made from our lightweight waxed canvas and detailed with a leather tab closure for convenient access. 

Winter Session Perfume by R.L. Linden:
Specially formulated by our friends at R.L. Linden & Co. as part of their Denver-inspired scent collection, our unisex perfume oil is blended using a heady combination of pure, plant-based, organic, raw and wildcrafted essential oils. Evoking notes of tanned leather, cold pressed coffee, pipe tobacco and cedar pencils, Winter Session #6 is a rich, warm and dignified scent that evolves ever so subtly as it is worn. 

Triple Wallet:
One of our first (and most enduring) wallet designs, the Triple Wallet maintains a slim profile while offering flexible organization. Two interior slots securely hold credit cards and folded cash, while an exterior slot accommodates additional cards for easy access. Cut from luscious Horween Dublin leather and hand stitched with Irish waxed linen thread, each wallet is carefully crafted and hand finished in our workshop. 

Day Bag:
We like to think of our Day Bag as a stylish workhorse: it gets the job done while looking great. Roomy yet functional, it is designed to work equally well for work, play, or travel. Features numerous pockets, slots and sleeves to help organize laptop accessories, camera gear, notebooks, and whatever else you depend on in your daily adventures.

Triangle Amulet:
Our new favorite daily accessory, the Triangle Amulet (and its cousin, the Amulet) is a handsome leather pouch that can be worn alone or with a favorite treasure tucked inside. A protective stone, a special coin, a handwritten note, a shell you found on the beach, ice cream money... the contents are up to the wearer. And no, these are not just for gals -- we encourage guys to rock an amulet too.

Slash Wallet:
Last but not least, the Slash Wallet is our answer to the binder clip or the rubber band. Crafted from smooth but sturdy Dublin leather and stitched with Irish waxed linen thread, its minimal profile is slim enough to feel invisible in your pocket but substantial enough to hold the essentials. One full and one half pocket hold cards and/or folded cash with minimal fuss -- and a lot more style than that binder clip.