A Guide to Good Vibes

Historically, people in many different cultures have carried herbs, coins, stones, and other small talismans around their neck for protection from negative energy, danger, or illness. A modern take on the traditional amulet pouch, our unisex Amulet necklaces can be worn alone or filled with a favorite treasure, token or anything you'd like to keep close to you.

We love the idea of tucking a tiny personal momento into the leather pouch -- whether it’s a smooth stone you found on a river walk, a trinket given to you by a friend, or a handwritten note that reminds you of something important. But we’re also keen on exploring specific combinations of contents to feed a particular intention. Eager to find meaning in the things we carry close to us, we became curious how we might draw on traditional knowledge about plants, minerals and mythical symbols in order to imbue our amulets with a little more oomph.

Admittedly, we’re no experts in the field, so we asked three of our friends in the Denver community (who happen to not only know a lot about rocks and plants, but who are also well versed in the art of wellness) to curate some special pairings intended to bring good vibes to the wearer. The result is our Guide to Good Vibes below. Whether or not you decide to don an amulet for your next adventure, we wish you safe travels and the utmost well-being.

#1: Amulet for Inviting Love
assembled by Missy Rhysing, founder of Ritualcravt
paired with our Amulet in Burgundy Dublin 

- Contents -

Associated with beauty and sensuality, rose petals and jasmine flowers are both herbs traditionally used for love spells and meditations.

Traditionally linked to the magic of the moon, moonstone is said to evoke inward reflection and wisdom, while rose quartz is associated with unconditional love and contentment.

The white candle symbolizes purity of the heart.

- Instructions - 

Light a candle and meditate on what you are looking for (in this case, gently focus on inviting love into your life). Tuck the dried petals, blossoms, and stones into your pouch and wear daily. As the rose and jasmine compress inside your amulet over time, they will gradually release their subtle fragrance and healing properties. You can carry a half-burned candle in your pouch as well as a symbol of your active intention to accept and attract love.

Founded by tattoo artist and jeweler Missy Rhysing, Ritualcravt is a magick shop specializing in ethically sourced, handcrafted objects made with intention, ceremony, and love. Among their beautifully curated offerings, you'll find stones, crystals, jewelry, herbal products, shells, bones, candles and incense, along with books, art, and one-of-a-kind found and assembled objects. Their unique collection of goods and gifts can be found in their newly opened brick and mortar shop in Denver and online in their Etsy Shop.

#2: Amulet for Safe Travels
curated by Lynn Flanagan-Till, founder of Rose House Botanica; co-founder of R.L. Linden
paired with our Amulet in Black Dublin

- Contents - 

The St. Christopher medal is meant to protect the wearer while on the move. The patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher’s likeness, in the form of a medallion, is often kept in cars, carried on keychains, or welded onto motorcycles in hopes of ensuring a safe journey.

Said to encourage vivid dreaming, mugwort is associated with protection and prophecy. Historically, travelers would put fresh mugwort in their shoes each morning to help ensure safe travels on foot.

Comfrey root is a healing and soothing herb, included here to encourage a safe return home. Best if collected from your own yard (to strengthen the idea of rootedness), but any wildcrafted or sustainably harvested variety will do the trick.

Nettle is another herb to benefit the traveler, especially women who may be traveling alone, by bringing protection from future danger.

Said to attract good spirits and bring fortune to the wearer, mint is included here because of its connection to the safeguarding of money and resources.

Winter Session Perfume Oil contains essential oils of coffee (to boost energy), along with tobacco and cedar which are traditionally used in sacred offerings.

- Instructions - 

Tuck the St. Christopher medal into the pouch and then add the dried herbs. Herbs can be gently rubbed between the fingers (or against the inside of the pouch) to help release their scent and protective properties. To activate the perfume oil, dab a small amount onto the inside of the pouch and repeat every few weeks or as desired.

Alongside her formulating work for R.L. Linden, which she co-founded, Lynn Flanagan-Till also runs a small healing practice under the name Rose House Botanica. Her spiritual healing work, especially around women's health, is informed by the 20+ years she spent studying plant medicine (and more recently, raising three kids). Lynn's herbal bath blends, floral buttons, and healing bundles can be found in her online shop.

#3: Amulet for Personal Protection
curated by Robin King, co-founder of R.L. Linden
paired with our Triangle Amulet in Tobacco Dublin

- Contents - 

Associated with the element of water, sea salt is said to help cleanse the energetic field, particularly when worn close to the body.

Black tourmaline is said to help set and protect personal boundaries and to protect the wearer from negative energy.

Similar to the evil eye talisman carried to ward off destructive intentions, dried fennel seeds are included here to help deflect negative energy and thoughts.

Known to some as a helpful jinx-breaker, essential oil of Lemon verbena is both cleansing and uplifting, especially when worn on or near the body.

- Instructions -

Tuck the stone into the pouch, then gently crush the seeds and lightly rub them into the leather as you add them to the pouch along with the sea salt. Anoint the leather by dabbing a small amount of the oil onto the inside surface of the leather and gently rub until it absorbs. Repeat from time to time to reactivate the scent and awaken its cleansing properties.  

Robin King is a co-founder of R.L. Linden, a purveyor of handcrafted eco-beauty products including all natural skincare, teas, and perfumes. With a focus on pure, plant-based, minimally processed, organic and wildcrafted ingredients, each product is blended with care, respect and intention in their Denver lab. You can find their products in their online shop and through select eco-conscious beauty retailers.