Meet the WS Team: CONNIE HONG

Winter Session team bio // connie hong

How did you discover Winter Session?

My friend Kimberly brought me in with her to get a sandwich one day when WS used to have Sandwich Day with Tifamade.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

The people! I also love being able to work with my hands and be a part of making beautiful products

Favorite WS colorway:

Black canvas / Natural leather

What’s your favorite WS product to make?

The Garrison

Winter Session team bio // connie hong

Favorite tool:

The serger (as long as the threads don’t break in the machine)


What’s an especially satisfying moment for you while working at WS?

Running out of a bobbin at the exact right moment -- same with tape when taping a bag.

What podcast is streaming in your headphones?

Lots! Hidden Brain, Oh the Media, Reply All, The Baby-sitters Club Club, Mortified, Radiolab, Embedded, This American Life, Why Oh Why

Winter Session team bio // connie hong

During recess, you can usually find me…

Eating chocolate and scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram

How do you take your coffee?

I don’t.

Favorite mug:

The grey Smokey The Bear mug where the trees change colors when it’s hot

Current snack of choice:

Noosa blueberry yogurt and a clementine… and whatever is in the chocolate drawer

What WS bag/wallet/accessory do you carry?

Black Felix with natural handles

Winter Session team bio / Felix Bag

Secret talent/alter ego outside of Winter Session:

I sing and play in my own band, Ivory Circle

Dream vacation:

New Zealand

Spirit animal:

Panda bear

Favorite halloween costume:

Tina Belcher

Harry Potter house affiliation:


If you had knuckle tattoos, they would say:


Winter Session team bio knuckle tattoos