Meet Our Makers - The Winter Session Team

We make everything ourselves, and that means having people to make things. A lot of brands contract out their production to third party factories based on their designs. We do everything in-house, and here are the people that do it:


Alex is incredibly skilled behind a sewing machine, but even more so with just a needle and thread as a master of sashiko repair stitching on denim, wool, or any other fabric you can imagine.

Alex has been with us since 2017, but we’re sad to say is moving on to pursue his dream of living in New Orleans this summer.


The newest addition to the team, Alexa started as a Winter Session intern while studying as an industrial design student in 2020 and has stayed on ever since. She’s primarily set up on the straight stitch sewing machine (the one named “North Hampton” is her favorite), making Dopp kits and Garrisons.

Outside of work and school, Alexa is tending to her cats, her garden, and birdwatching.


A devotee of denim and vintage, Jack escaped the world of digital advertising to start working with his hands at Winter Session in 2018. He primarily works with leather; cutting on the hydraulic press, hand sewing wallets on a stitching pony, and waxing and finishing.

You can find him stitching up a busted pair of jeans behind our darning machine or camped out in front of an estate sale in search of 1940s era workwear.


Roy and his wife Tanya co-founded and co-own Winter Session and Roy is the creative and productive force behind the brand. He designs all the products, orders all the fabric, answers the emails, and sews and packs boxes too.

Roy trained and worked as an architect for the better part of a decade before starting to mess around with a sewing machine and hasn’t looked back for a decade more.


The other half of Winter Session, Tanya's also been here since the beginning. Tanya comes from a fine arts background where she worked at every aspect from an artist assistant to a museum docent.

Her work involves design as well as establishing our visual language and communication strategies, whether that's coordinating photo editorials, writing copy for our site, or keeping in touch with our followers on Instagram.


And then there's me, writing this post! I've participated from the periphery at Winter Session since 2013. I work as a blogger most of the time, but collaborated with Winter Session on several limited projects including Cover Up Colorado and only recently joined the team. I sew a couple hours a week just to keep my skills sharp but primarily do our writing and other digital work.

When not glaring at a computer screen, I'm involved with the local Court Watch group, smoking barbecue, or reading obscure clothing history.

And that's everybody. If you order something from us, it's made by us. So have a look at the collection and put us to work!