Meet the WS Team: Charla Bultman

Winter Session Workshop | Bags and Accessories made in Denver CO

What's on your task list today?

I've got two Grey Roll Tops to make and a one-off bag I'm excited about: it's a multi-color bag for a barista competition prize at Huckleberry Roasters. May the best barista win!

What's your role at Winter Session, and how long have you been working here?

I'm first a seamstress but I also manage the Sewing Village - that's our cutesy term for our cluster of sewing machines. It's been over four years now that I've been privileged to call this place home. I feel like at this point I've got most of the bag patterns down ;)

Waxed Canvas Bags and Backpacks | made in Denver by Winter Session

What’s an especially satisfying moment for you while you're making bags?

Running out of bobbin thread just as I’m finishing a seam or finishing a project right at the end of the day. 

Extra bonus: when my outfit happens to match my project.

What podcast is streaming in your headphones?

Lots of Gastropod, currently.  I especially love to listen to it as we near lunch time… gets me nice and hungry.

Sewing Workshop | Winter Session | Denver CO

How do you take your coffee?

With cream, please!

Favorite coffee mug:

The one my sister-in-law made.  Makes me feel closer to Alaska and the family there.

Sewing Process | Winter Session Workshop | Denver CO

When did you first start sewing? 

As a kid I messed around on our family sewing machine and was especially talented at making at bobbin messes on the back of my projects. When I started here at Winter Session, Roy and Tanya showed me the ropes (haha, pun intended). 

Favorite tool:

Snips. They’re just cute.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

I’ve never been a part of a team that is so committed to each other and living full, vibrant lives as we create things we’re all passionate about.  The synergy here in the shop enriches my life on lots of levels.

What WS bag / wallet / accessory do you carry?

Oh man. For grocery runs I opt for my Olive Roll Top. For fancy times I break out my patina-ed Leather Garrison (it was broken in during my trip to the Netherlands two years ago and holds lots of special memories). But my everyday carry would probably be my special customized Utility Tote that I made from a piece of canvas (maybe a dye mistake?) that our fabric company wrapped our pallet with one time. And my go-to wallet would have to be the Snap Wallet (mine is two-tone Tobacco and Burgundy leather). 

Canvas Tote Bag | Winter Session | made in Denver CO

What do you always carry in your bag, no matter what?

Ear buds.  I spend a lot of time commuting on bike or foot and it’s fun to be able to learn things or set the musical mood for an epic sunset.

When you're not at Winter Session, where can you be found?

I love puttering in my garden or walking to yoga... or catching up on long distance phone calls while walking City Park's lake. On the weekends I also teach at a folk art craft studio (that I love!) called Craftsman & Apprentice

Secret talent / alter ego outside of Winter Session:

I’m secretly a Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

If you had knuckle tattoos, they would say:



Workshop photos: Audrey Boyd 
Bag photos: Charla Bultman