We're making masks, and we need your help!


Crazy times we're in... let's do this together. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are diverting a portion of our resources to the production and distribution of face masks for the medical community (and the larger public). Here's how to help.

JOIN OUR MASK MAKING TEAM: Volunteer to make masks for medical workers and other people serving on the front lines as part of Cover Up Colorado, our mask donation project. If you have basic sewing skills and access to a sewing machine at home, we invite you to be a part of our remote mask-making team. We'll provide all materials and instructions, as well as taking care of mask distribution to Denver area healthcare workers and other essential care providers. You'll be putting your skills to use and helping to protect people! Sign up HERE. 

MAKE YOUR OWN MASKS: If you've got the DIY urge and want to make masks at home for personal use, or for your friends, family, neighbors, you can purchase our pre-cut mask kits and/or download our pdf patterns. We will make these both available (along with a bunch of links to other DIY patterns) in the coming days, so make sure to check back soon! We are also working closely with the Colorado Mask Project - check out their site for helpful resources. 

SPONSOR THE FACE MASK PROJECT: Want to help fund Cover Up Colorado? Although we are volunteering our own time to coordinate this project, we need to keep our workshop up and running through this difficult period. We are asking for help in order to cover the cost of materials and the basic labor costs of putting together hundreds (if not thousands) of mask kits. You can also help support this mask making effort in the following ways:

- Purchase a readymade mask (or a set of masks) for your personal use in our web shop HERE. For every mask you purchase, we will donate a mask to a healthcare worker in need. Want to outfit your whole family, your friends, and your neighbors? We have multiples available as well, and we are working on making a child's size mask available next week.

- Donate directly to the face mask project. We have teamed up with our friends and longtime collaborators at Heddels to set up a non-profit entity for Cover Up Colorado, and you can donate directly to help support the purchase of materials and the making of mask kits. Check back soon for details.

REQUEST MASKS: We are looking to provide face masks to as many essential care workers as possible. If you would like to request masks for your hospital, health clinic, shelter, outreach team, assisted living facility, or other care facility, please get in touch with us at

NOTE: For now we are only able to accept donations within Colorado -- thanks for understanding.