WS+DP 4 Barrel Pen Holster

Tobacco Dublin


Doane Paper was born when founder Chad Doane set out to design a hybrid note-taking paper that would attract two disparate camps: fans of the good old lined legal pad, and grid paper die-hards. After establishing his signature Grid+Lines concept, he developed a series of notebooks and notepads in a variety of sizes and formats. More stationery-related goods followed, united by a focus on eco-friendly materials, streamlined design, and quality craftsmanship.

The 4 Barrel Holster is one of two leather pieces (along with the
Utility Notebook Cover) designed specifically for Doane Paper's + dp division.

Made from 4 oz vegetable tanned, waxed Horween leather and machine stitched with heavy gauge nylon thread. Laser etched logo on back side. Pens not included.

2.75" x 5.75"

Handcrafted in the Denver, CO USA